Warmly Welcome for Shuliy’s New Distributor

shuliy machine

After having been one of the regular customer of Shuliy Machinery, Mr. Mohamed, as the manager of machinery enterprise in Africa, send Shuliy an application for becoming a distributor in Africa. It is Shuliy’s honor to have such an honest friend and cooperator like Mr. Mohamed, so we accepted his application to push our relationship into the further stage of cooperation.

Since Shuliy has cooperated with customers from Africa for years smoothly, and Shuliy has always be a loyal friend to cooperators. Shuliy has built a firm friendship based on years of successful business cooperation with customers in Africa. Meanwhile, it is at the zenith of the development of relation between China and Africa–given Chinese government has issued series of documents and pronounces about the development of the harmonious relationships with countries in neighborhood in the future.

The soaring GDP of Africa indicated the market demand is expanded along with the improving living standard of African citizen. Thus, large potential has been seen in automation of the food processing industry in Africa. Shuliy shall seize the opportunity Globalization offered to build a better future for China, and to contribute to the upgrading of counties in neighborhood as a method of strengthening the tie of friendship between China and other countries. Building a relationships based on business works better and solider than business based on relationship.

shuliy machine

Under the international circumstance, the development of countries shall base on cooperation and intercommunication with other countries or regions. Decades have seen the rapid development and upgrading of business in China, culture and eco-society under the background of China upholding and sticking to the Reformation and Opening-up Policy. As our reliable cooperator and distributor, Shuliy will give Mr. Mohamed our full support technically and commercially so as to materialize our further development in food industry in both China and Africa.

For action speaks louder than words, join us now! Shuliy will always be your right choice!


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