8 years cooperation, 2 visits

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8 years cooperation, 2 visits,

what’s the new motivation of Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd in the future ?

On June 29th, our CEO Mr Hanny of Zhengzhou Shuliy Co., Ltd visited Africa on the behalf of Henan manufacture, which was the second visit since the cooperation between Shuliy and Africa has been engaged for eight years. At present, having communicated with customers there, our manager found many problems rooted in the local region such as low mechanization and efficiency. This visit aims to facilitate the agricultural develop of Africa and boost mechanization of agricultural machinery as well as farmer’s work efficiency, making their life become easier and more effective. Most important, peasants don’t need to suffer from starvation and are able to create affluent life.

Belonging to Africa continent, has the largest population and is the largest economy in Africa. It is a beautiful country and full of freedom and there are friendly people and fascinating natural scenery, but what the most impressive thing is deep friendship lasting decades among Africans and Chinese. What is our feeling about this trip? People’s enthusiasm, delicious food, beautiful scenery all leave a great impression to Mr. Hanny, and he is confident about the bright future between Africa and Shuliy. He firstly arrived in African’s capital, Abuja, receiving warm hospitality. After discussing the prospects with the partner who has collaborated with us for many years, our manager tasted local food that really captured his stomach.

In the conference, both sides firstly showed a positive affirmation about our cooperation and long-term support towards rural areas. Confronting with the current situation in the Africa market, they analyzed and put forward effective suggestions from international perspectives. Meanwhile, we came up with many good advice about products. In the end of meeting, our manager committed that we will devote to investing great energy and time Africa even the entire Africa market so as to improve its construction and development.
We wish we can unit in a concerted effort for common development and the friendship between us lasts forever!

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